THC Wellness COA's

3rd Party Certificate of Analysis (COA)

From a company that cares

At THC Wellness we take the upmost care every step of our process from seed to final product on the shelf. We run our in house testing throughout each step as well as 3rd party, lab certified testing to ensure all of our products exceed regulatory guidelines. You and your love ones can rest assure you're always receiving the cleanest and highest quality product.

How to find the testing

Check the bottom of the jar or side of your product bottle, where you'll find the product's manufacture sticker that contains the product's batch number, cannabinoid %, harvest, expiration date, strain, extraction method & distribution chain.

Find this number under the appropriate product listed below and click on the link to view the lab results. The lab results contain information about the date of manufacture, potencies, pesticides, heavy metals and solvents.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!


100mg THC-Rich Natural Tincture

100mg THC-Rich Peppermint Tincture

700mg THC-Rich Natural Tincture

700mg THC-Rich Lemon Tincture

700mg THC-Rich Mint Tincture

1500mg THC-Rich Tincture

1500mg THC-Rich Lemon Tincture

1500mg THC-Rich Mint Tincture

400mg 1:1 Tincture

800mg 1:1 Tincture

  • 6551.1800

800mg 1:1 Lemon Tincture

  • 6551.1800L

800mg 1:1 Mint Tincture

  • 6551.1800M

1600mg 1:1 Tincture

1600mg 1:1 Lemon Tincture

  • 6551.11600L

1600mg 1:1 Mint Tincture

Salves & Creams

100mg THC Topical Salve

100mg THC Topical Cream

600mg 1:1 Topical Salve

  • TS6551.1600


100mg THC Topical Liniment Spray

500mg 1:1 Topical Liniment Spray


Green Crack THC Vape

Jilly Bean THC Vape

OG Kush THC Vape

Blue Dream 1:1 Vape

GDP 1:1 Vape

Trainwreck 1:1 Vape



1:1 RSO

Bath Products

50mg THC Bath Salts

50mg THC Bath Soak

  • BSO655


100mg THC Caspules